Extreme Weight Loss Methods And Their Consequences

Weight loss is the process of reducing body fat that is simple in principle, but complex in practice. Extreme weight loss is the practice of losing weight rapidly, but the methods can be dangerous. Unless rapid weight reduction is for medical reasons and is supervised by a nutrition or medical professional, extreme methods are something that should not be attempted for long term effects. However, if a few pounds need to be lost for a special occasion and it is not a long term deal, there are a few extreme methods out there.

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The first method is the crash diet. A crash diet is limiting calories to below normal and safe levels. Some people literally starve themselves eating only a few calories a day while others just may eat fruits and vegetables for several weeks. An all liquid diet is a favorite of crash dieters. By limiting caloric intake, the crash dieter forces their body to burn fat for energy. The problem with that is the body needs food to burn fat, and in a short while, there will be nothing left to create energy. Extreme methods, such as a crash diet will cause the dieters to become fatigued easily and often and instead of just losing weight, the crash dieter will begin destroying their body.

Bariatric surgery is another in a line of extreme weight loss methods. It is for the person who has tried a variety of diets and other methods to lose weight without success. Candidates for such extreme weight loss methods are usually medically classified as obese whose weight inhibits the quality of their life. The surgery involves closing off a small portion of the stomach to reduce its effective size. With a smaller stomach, the candidate will feel fuller with less food and along with exercise will lose weight. Bariatric surgery is seen as a last resort and should only be explored after all other options have been exhausted.

One other extreme weight loss methods are using diet pills. Diet pills have been used as a means to lose weight for as many years as people have tried to lose weight. There are different types of diet pills that function differently and have different effects on the body. Some pills function by minimizing the amount of fat the body absorbs from the food. Other pills suppress appetite which helps portion control and reduces the number of calories consumed.

Diet pills come with side effects such as gastronomical problems. Other diet pills can lead to high blood pressure and elevated heart rate, leading to cardiac arrest and heart attack. People who use diet pills as an extreme weight loss method and already suffer from high blood pressure could further complicate their health with an irregular heartbeat and heart disease.

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