What Is The Best Weight Loss Program? 2 Top Program Reviews

Anyone that is trying to lose weight or change their life, I'm guessing has at least come across some weight loss programs in their time. So many "magic pills" or weight loss fads are surfacing every single day, but which ones can you really trust? Since there really is not a miracle diet out there that will work for ever single person, considering everybody is different. What is the best weight loss program? Here are reviews of the top 2 programs on the market today;

Burn the Fat Program Review

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The Burn the Fat program is created by a recognized bodybuilder Tom Venuto. Tom hasn't just produced another "weight loss fad" into the already over-saturated market, It would be more accurately described as a fat loss bible. The main difference between this program and any other is that it's not a weight loss program as such, more of a "fat loss program"

If you're looking for a set diet that you want to follow, or a set workout with things you need to complete. This program probably isn't for you. The information contained in this program is set out as a guide to help you achieve fat loss rather than weight loss (which can contain water, muscle and lean tissue). Tom's approach is rather to teach you the science behind weight loss, and guide you to analyze your body and what is needed to create your OWN effective diet/training routine. If there are any drawbacks to the program it would be information overload, anybody looking for quick cliff notes might find this a bit intimidating at first (but in a good way).

Truth About Abs Program Review

The Truth About Abs program is created by Mike Geary, a national certified nutritionist and personal trainer. I was surprised with my first glance through the program, although what the title may suggest the program isn't just targeted at "ab's" or "core training" but overall fat loss. Mike's approach to losing fat is a very scientific, yet simple guide.

Inside Mike's weight loss program he details of a very informative way to losing weight. Much like the first book, Mike would also rather to teach you the information about losing weight and how to create your own diets and programs by analyzing your bodies needs, rather than just throw a diet at you and make you follow it. Along with the TRUCKLOADS of valuable information and knowledge of weight loss and how things work, Mike also includes 84 sample meals and a massive list of fat burning foods to get you started.

Mike walks you through all the steps of your journey, from first weighing yourself and analyzing your bodies needs all the way up to creating your diet and workout and achieving your results. The program also contains 5 great bonuses;

Free 8 week home workout routine Bonus DVD - The 5 keys to guaranteed fat loss Fast track meal planning guide Metabolic rate calculator Audio lectures with tips to help you stay on track

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